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Our Mission

At Little Lahlou, our mission is to fuse the enchanting world of traditional craftsmanship with whimsical, creature-inspired design to make custom, one-of-a-kind children's furniture. Our fabrication values center on authenticity, quality, and celebrating the magic of childhood.



We wholeheartedly embrace the authenticity of artistry and translate it into whimsical designs that capture the essence of childhood wonder.


Quality Craftsmanship

With utmost dedication to quality, our furniture is handcrafted by very skilled artisans, ensuring it not only enchants but endures. Exceptional craftsmanship is a gift to be treasured.


We are committed to crafting furniture that is as unique as the children it is made for. Each piece is a celebration of individuality, inviting children to explore a world of imagination and creativity.


Little Lahlou is where our mission and values come together to create enchanting, customizable children's furniture inspired by creatures, cherished for its quality, and designed to make each child's world a little more magical.


Our Story
Meryem Lahlou,
Principal Designer

I am a Moroccan soul with big dreams and an open heart. My journey has been a fun ride – from Casablanca to Paris, and now to the buzzing energy of Los Angeles.

It all started with a simple wish – to create spaces that feel like a warm hug. So, off I went to France to chase that dream, graduating and working as an architect.

As I went deeper into that world, something magical happened. I discovered the science behind the feelings – how colors can dance with our emotions, how shapes can whisper secrets, and how spaces can hold memories. I was unlocking a whole new dimension of creativity and connection.

Then, life threw me a curveball – or maybe it was fate – and I found myself becoming a filmmaker. In my filmmaking adventures, there was always a whisper in my heart. A whisper of my inner child.

That's when I stumbled upon the sweet spot where science meets soul – the intersection of spatial design, psychology, neuroscience. It was here that I found my true calling – creating spaces that aren't just beautiful but soul-stirring, spaces that speak to the child in all of us and invite us to dream a little bigger. Every single detail of a space is connected to our cognitive development, and this is how I started making furniture.

So here I am – a dreamer, a creator, and a lover of all things whimsical. And as I continue on this crazy, beautiful journey, I'm guided by one simple truth: that home isn't just a place; it's a feeling – a feeling of warmth, and belonging. And it's my mission, my passion, to sprinkle a little bit of that magic into every space I touch with the Little Lahlou furniture , inviting others to come along for the ride.


Our Products


By working closely with respected local furniture fabricants and wood manufacturers, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and sustainability in the industry. Renowned for their strength and timeless allure, each creation not only exudes an elegant aesthetic but also promises lasting durability, ensuring that our furniture becomes a cherished part of your child's world, and is treasured for generations. Our furniture is made with hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. They are sturdy, have an attractive grain, and can withstand the wear and tear associated with children's furniture.



We use water-based paints and finishes on our wood, ensuring they are non-toxic, and have minimal volatile organic compounds for the safety and well-being of our customers. 


Our commitment to quality is reflected in our choice to partner with well-known fabric manufacturers, ensuring our products meet the highest standards in the market. Our furry furniture collection features faux fur, providing a cruelty-free and ethically sourced alternative to real fur.


Our Philosophy

By integrating insights from neuroscience and psychology into the furniture pieces and design practices, Little Lahlou helps create environments that optimize cognitive function, emotional well-being, and user experience for diverse populations of children.


Shapes and Cognitive Function

The shape of furniture and interior elements can influence cognitive function and emotional responses. For example, curved or rounded shapes have been associated with feelings of comfort, safety, and approachability, while angular or sharp shapes may evoke a sense of threat or discomfort (Vartanian et al., 2013).


Design and its Effects on the Brain

Multi-sensory stimulation and nature connection have been shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance emotional well-being through their effects on neural pathways and neurotransmitter systems (Ulrich, 1984; Kuo, 2015).

Neuroscientific Insights on Texture

Different textures activate distinct areas of the brain associated with sensory processing and emotional responses. For example, studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have shown that rough textures elicit stronger activation in the somatosensory cortex, which processes tactile information, compared to smooth textures (Guest et al., 2011).

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