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SKU: CHR1023010
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Bubble gum was invented by accident! In 1928, a man named Walter Diemer, an accountant working for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company, was experimenting with new gum recipes in his spare time. One day, he stumbled upon a formula that was stretchier and less sticky than regular chewing gum. This gum had the perfect consistency for blowing bubbles!



Unleash your inner child and add a burst of playful fun to your living room with the Bubbles Chair, a whimsical explosion of color and comfort!


This unique chair lives up to its name, crafted from numerous, oversized spheres in a kaleidoscope of colors (think sunshine yellow, playful teal, fiery orange, and calming lavender). Imagine a giant ball pit transformed into a luxuriously comfortable chair! Each plush sphere is crafted from a soft, durable material that provides exceptional comfort and molds perfectly to your body. Sturdy internal construction ensures the Bubbles Chair remains supportive and keeps its shape over time. And it's a fully customizable piece of furniture for children and adults ! 

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