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SKU: TBL1023013
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Did you know? Pigs are actually very intelligent creatures! They can even learn tricks and solve simple puzzles. Now you can bring a touch of that piggyness (and surprising smarts) into your home with the Ani!

The Ani isn't just any stool, it's a delightful and colorful little pig ready to add a touch of whimsy and functionality to your space! Hand-crafted from sturdy wood and painted in your choice of colors , the Ani is a charming and versatile piece that can be used as a:

  • Adorable Stool: Perfect for children to perch on at playtime or for an extra seat when entertaining guests.
  • Whimsical Chair: Cozy and colorful, the Ani is a fun alternative for seating in a child's room or play area.
  • Playful Side Table: Rest your favorite book, a cup of tea, or a small plant on the Ani's sturdy head – it's as functional as it is cute!

Here's why the Ani is the perfect addition to your home:

  • A Multifunctional Marvel: This little pig can be a seat, a table, or a playful accent piece, depending on your needs.
  • Eye-Catching Colors
  • Sturdy & Reliable: High-quality wood construction ensures the Ani can handle years of use and love.

The Ani isn't just furniture, it's a playful friend and a versatile addition to your home. Order yours today and watch your space come alive with a touch of porcine charm!

P.S. Looking for more ways to incorporate pigs into your décor? Explore our furniture collection ! 

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