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SKU: NGT0324001
2 900,00$Price

Did you know that oranges are actually a hybrid fruit? They are believed to be a cross between a pomelo and a mandarin. This hybridization likely occurred thousands of years ago in Southeast Asia. So when you enjoy a juicy orange, you're indulging in a delicious fruit with a rich and complex history.


Bring a touch of fruity cheer to your child's bedroom with a whimsical nightstand shaped like a bright orange!


Crafted for both fun and function, this unique nightstand features a playful orange slice design, it's a conversation starter and a burst of sunshine in your child's room!

Here's why your child will love it:

  • Sunny & Cheerful Design: The bright orange and green color scheme adds a playful pop of color to any bedroom.
  • Functional & Fun
  • Sturdy & Stable
  • Just the Right Size


It brightens their room and makes bedtime routines a breeze. Order yours today and watch their face light up!


P.S. Don't forget to complete their citrusy dreamscape with our other customizable kids' furniture, and create a bedroom that's as unique and bright as your little sunshine!

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