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The store where every piece is as unique as the child who dreams it into existence

Our meticulously crafted furniture isn't just designed for comfort and style –

it's also created with the imagination in mind! Every piece is a journey into a world where furniture becomes a magical part of your child's play and creativity. Have a look at our exclusive designs, each associated with a fun fact waiting to be discovered!

At Little Lahlou, we believe that every child deserves a space as unique and special as they are. That's why we've embarked on a journey to create a furniture store unlike any other, where each piece is a masterpiece, custom-crafted to capture the essence of your child's imagination and tastes.

Create Your Dream Piece:

Reach out to us for a completely custom piece tailored just for you!


Choose from Our Catalog:

Pick a design you love and personalize it to make it uniquely yours.

Our catalog only displays unique pieces; once you purchase a design, it's exclusively yours and will be removed from our listings!


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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